In Progress Asbl is a collective of Luxembourgish designers with the objective to promote and support design as well as creative and cultural practices through exhibitions, conferences and get-togethers, workshops, exhibition catalogues, documentation and other creative processes. In Progress aims to create and provide a platform to connect local established designers as well as new creatives coming to the Luxembourgish design scene, connecting newcomers, artisans, creators and producers. Founded in 2014 by Gilles Gardula and Elsa Pereira, the collective is continuing with Isabelle Mattern, Metty Hoffmann and Irina Moons in 2021.

So far, the project has provided visibility to Luxembourgish designers locally and abroad through a variety of projects such as Design Days 2015 in Paris, and the Luxembourg Design Biennial 2016 in collaboration with Cercle Cité, as well as at Bourscheid to over 30 members.”