Ratskeller – Cercle-Cité Luxembourg

FRI, 25 APR 2014

Vernissage in progress

In progress asbl

The in-progress designers CLAUDE BALLINI, LINDA BOS, JULIE CONRAD, SERGE ECKER, GILLES GARDULA, TOMAS KAMARAUSKAS, NICOLE LANNERS, GIACOMO PIOVAN & LYNN SCHAMMEL. Elsa Pereira Historian of contemporary art and design / Scientific consultant Gilles Gardula Industrial designer / Organizer et mediator of the in-progress exhibition - Have the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition vernissage In progress Innovation through design 25 / 04 / 2014 - 18.00h / 21.00h A young group of nine independent creators have united to express their understanding of innovation through design and their role in today's ever evolving society. As part of the biennale - design city 2014 - Luxembourg Presentation of the project & vin d’honneur - 19.00